Aja Allen Testimony

Hi Debi,

Thank-you soo much for your instruction and support in my weight loss journey. I've been following you since you started teaching at South Bowie Community Center for the past 5-6 months and it has truly been a pleasure. Your class has been my "just desserts" at the end of a long week. Before doing Zumba®, I was doing your usual routine at the gym 30-40 mins of cardio mixed with some strength training. Then when I started taking your class, my silly, fun side came alive and at the same time got to burn off calories too. You can't beat that!! I got my passion for salsa, mixed with some reggaeton, and hip hop. I was immediately hooked. Plus, your craziness and your bling motto, "just have fun" definitely kept me coming back for more.

But what really took the cake was when I won, "Miss Dunka Donka" on your Zumba® launch. lol! I still have that prize. But nothing beats the biggest prize of all, which is me losing a total of 16 lbs. to the day and I plan to keep going. Thank-you soo much!!!

Bling it On!!!

-Aja Allen

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