Katina Bryan Testimony

I was never a person to work out but I know I needed to lose weight and start living a healthier life so I researched ZUMBA® class.  After looking at the clips on-line I was a little intimidated, could I keep up?  After the first week I saw vast improvements in my breathing and my motivation to lose weight!!!  I was hooked and started doing ZUMBA® 3-4 times a week and each week thereafter led to greater personal success, I lost 28 lbs total!

If you are looking for a change from doing the same old work out day after day or just need an extra “push” to get motivated and actually see results, then ZUMBA® is what you are looking for!!

Exercise is now easier than ever and the best part is, Debi’s constant encouragement motivates you to put 100% of yourself into the workouts, which leaves you feeling fabulous after every one!

- Katina Bryan


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